Father Cage Jedin

Educating the faithless


Cage was not always the holy man he is today in the town of Alegeini, before he was something else but if you ask him he can’t or won’t tell. When he was a younger man he traveled the wastelands for survival as many do but when he was badly injured by a strange creature and stumbled close to a patch of fall out he passed out. When he woke up he was in a cold dry gave on a pallet a weathered old man sitting near him, the man put down a bowl of water and some sort of strange glop “you will either survive or not, if you are strong enough and chose by the Fall Out you will if not then you die.” With that he simply wandered away leaving Cage to his own. Unsure of how much time passed he recalled the strange man preaching to him and speaking of the fall out and of the times before while fever raged through his body.

In time he recovered and was able to eat and drink the food while the man who he learned was called Sebastian and the two spent a great deal of time together. He explained he had suffered the same as Cage but it was all for a purpose and even Cage would never recover completely from the fever or the illness that raged in him. Then one day breathing hard and sweeting Sebastian told his friend they must make a trip for it was time and they set off into the wasteland. For two days they traveled until they came upon a softly green glowing grotto and within the Fall Out twisted and turned like a living thing. Sebastian nodded to his friend and stripped down to his bare body and then shaking walked into the grotto arms open into the strange mist. As Cage watched the Fall Out swooped to warp his friend up like a blanket and as he watched something amazing happened. Sebastian’s body began to change, feathers began to sprout along his body, he began to shrink and then fire burse over him. He had been rewarded for his faith and was transformed into a Fall Out Bird!! Having seen this or least thinking he did Cage returned to the old man’s cave were he took everything he found. He even found the old mans most prized possession a weapon of the old world. A pistol a weapon of the new god, he called it Saint Sebastian in honor of his friend and the bullets were his 13 disciples. With these and his knew knowledge of the Fall Out he set off into the Wasteland to spread the word and to convert people.

When he found Alegni he was welcomed because of his extensive knowledge of medicine and medical procedures. His rather eccentric nature and preaching was a byproduct in their minds, so he was allowed to open a small church which doubled as the clinic. Every fifth day he would hold sermons regardless if people showed or not and over time he actually converted a few folks in the town to the worship of the Fall Out. Then one fifth day he gathered his gear and informed his people he was leaving, his work was done here and he must move on to spread the word.

Father Cage Jedin

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