"The Survivalist"

Male, Tough Survivalist living on the Outskirts


If you were ever to gather him to stand up straight, as opposed to slouching, slinking, or perching, “The Survivalist” may stand about 5’ 10". His dirty and matted hair would be jet white, if it weren’t for the colors given by soot, dirt, and who knows what else. Beyond even that, his eyes are an unnatural and unnerving yellow color, defying regularity. Otherwise, he may even be mistaken for an average, if not grimy, person. His mud-caked backpack on his back clatters and clangs with the sound of unknown metal objects as he moves about.


Known only to the villagers of Allegheny as “The Survivalist”, this obscure character is only tentatively accepted in the community because of the salvages he brings in from his forays into the Jungle. If he spent more than just two days on the outskirts of town, if he ever attacked anyone, or if he was ever to catch an earnest member of the village on a bad day, the people of Allegheny would probably not think twice about ostracizing this man, or even lynching him, but to date he has proven to be unobtrusive and useful enough to merit apathy. Moreover, he has even been spotted up by the Dam, seemingly fixing it and offering routine maintenance; an act that does not grant him any higher opinion, but a fact none the less.

Little is known about “The Survivalist”, partly because he is absent from the town for the majority of time, partly because no one would seek him out to learn about him, and partly because his rare breaks from complete silence are met with what most would consider rambling of a mad-man. In fact, the only thing that IS truly known about him, from trade alone, is that he seems to have a gift for finding useful things while he is out of the Village, and is happy to enact a fair, if not generous, trade for necessities such as food and water, and a few trinkets that only he would find the value in.

"The Survivalist"

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