Tom Cullen

A gentle blacksmith


Tom Cullen is a young lad from the village of Allegheny, currently he is a savant blacksmith for the village working amazing pieces that no one believes he should be capable of. The reason for all of this doubt is that Tom was born simple. He was never able to keep up with the other children in school, really only ever reaching a kindergarten level education.

When his parents discovered he had a knack for tearing things apart, and consequently putting them back together in better condition than they started, they gave him over to the blacksmith for further training.

Unbeknownst to many of the town members, Tom discovered the existence of the Dam and has been sneaking off in the night to explore the building. Ever since he began exploring, something started to change in Tom. He was becoming smarter by the day, and hiding it fairly well.

Tom has since come to realize that he must keep his new found knowledge to himself, lest he be ostracized by the village and cast out. So for now, he continues to play down his intellect.

Tom Cullen

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