Jethro Stricklain

Redneck with a Chainsaw


I’d describe ma’self in 1 word “Can’t miss ’em!”. Well lets see, I’m 6’3", and, uh, 242 pounds of PURE muscle, baby. Ain’t nothin’ else to be said! Oh, I got’s me “Sthil’la” with me all the time, cuz’, ya see, she saves my life all the time. I was liberatin’ a police station not so long back, and some freaky lookin’ mo’fukker came at me, but Sthil’la, she gave him what he needed, another butthole! Ya, she’s hard ta miss!


I’ve always been big, and I’ve always been bad, and some people don’t quite like that about me, but who cares for them? ME! I do! Ya, I wander the wastes, and ya I go lookin’ for trouble, but it ain’t because I’m a fool, naw, it’s because I know I can take it; what others can’t. There’s some right nasty stuff out here, but I got me my chainsaw, Sthil’la, and we know just how to cut through the fat! I go lookin’ for this stuff, so a bit of noise don’t bother me none, and Sthil’la can put the noise out when she purrs, that’s for sure! A good hard day’s work, and any nearby settlement will offer me a bed and a meal for what I done. Hell, the phillies seem to like it just enough! Ma and Pa would’a been proud, I’d think, but those damn vapor pockets claimed ‘em too young. I’m’a stop this stuff from takin’ anyone else’s from them like they done to me, and people… they seem to think that makes me alright. I think I like that just fine.

Jethro Stricklain

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