Known Threats and Dangers

A variety of threats and dangers make life difficult in the Allegheny settlement, and some of these extend out into the world beyond.

The most obvious threat is the Savages. These violent raiders are driven by the basest instincts, and sometimes by pure madness and rage. Their intelligence can often be a problem as well, as many retain the ability to manipulate and use tools or even weapons, and they can be gruesomely creative with them. They can often avoid or even disarm traps left for them, and they fight with cunning and even strategy in addition to raw bloodlust. It’s unknown what drives or motivates a Savage, since discussion or conversation isn’t an option with them.

The creatures of the Allegheny forest are also dangerous, especially predators like wolves, bears and puma which are present throughout. Lacking many of the tools and resources of the old world, humans are no longer the apex predators they once were, although they have the upper hand. it’s not unheard of for one particular animal to get a taste for human blood, and get bolder and bolder in it’s attacks on people. Left unchecked, invariably one becomes bold enough to take a child or elderly human as their prey. When this happens, the hunters of the settlement band together in a large party to track down and destroy the predator.

The Fallout presents the next biggest danger, and it’s one that all residents are perpetually on the lookout for. Clouds of it will sometimes drift into the woods, moving with a seemingly random pattern. Other observers have noted that some miasmas will seem to flow with the wind, others will move deliberately into areas of light or darkness, and still others seem to move towards or away from sounds in the forest. Living things caught in a miasma invariably become tainted, losing life, vitality and becoming slow or sluggish in their thinking.

Mutants are often the result of living things tainted by the Fallout, especially pregnant females. Mutants can come in many shapes and sizes, but often seem to have animalistic features to them. Characteristics of bears, boars, frogs and fish have been seen on mutants in Allegheny, although it is unknown if they appeared there or wandered in.

The most pervasive threat in Allegheny is not a physical one, but a mental one: Despair. Suicide is an unfortunately common thing. Between the ages of 8 and 24, some people simply realize that life in this world is an uphill battle, and the depression swiftly overtakes them. Some go out into the woods, letting the environment or the animals take them. Others hide themselves away, only being found weeks or months later when their corpse is discovered. The fact that little or nothing can be remembered from the old world anymore is taken as a sign by many that humanity is on it’s way out, and better they should catch the early train than wait for the inevitable. People don’t speak of it, and the elders would never admit it, but the population in the settlement has been slowly dwindling, while the Savages, mutants and raiders grow ever bolder.

Known Threats and Dangers

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